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Electronic Cigarette Refill

Refilling your Electronic Cigarette with an e-liquid dropper bottle verses buying pre-filled cartridges at first can seem confusing. By refilling your e-cigarette cartridges with our handy e-liquid dropper bottle rather than throwing your cartridges away, you will save LOADS of cash. The clear-cut best way to introduce nicotine juice to your e-cigarette is be refilling it with an e-liquid flavored bottle of your choice. E-cigarette users start to realize the savings and increased quality potential of electronic cigarette juice stored in a sealed bottle, as opposed to cartridges, immediately. There is also a much greater variety of liquid nicotine flavors in e-liquid dropper bottles, as opposed to cartridges!

E-Cigarette Nicotine refill instructions

Most if not all Electronic Cigarette products in the current marketplace are refillable with e-liquid nicotine. Refilling your e-cigarette for the first time user can seem like a daunting task, but it is actually fairly simple:

1) Remove the Electronic Cigarette cartridge from your e-cigarette by usually pulling or twisting.

2))Remove the sealed lid from the electronic cigarette e-liquid bottle by simply twisting counter-clockwise. All Electronic Cigarette Bottles from YourECigarette contain a seal to ensure authenticity and quality.

3) Hold the E-cigarette cartridge so that the connecting end is facing upwards. Take the e-liquid dropper bottle and place between 4-8 drops (model dependent) into the cartridge. Do not place drops on the Atomizer.

4) Reinsert your e-cigarette cartridge to your atomizer and begin vaping!

Things to avoid with e-cigarette nicotine

As a rule of thumb when using refilling your e-cigarette with liquid nicotine, you do NOT want the e-liquid to pool up at the top. The e-liquid should saturate the sponge material inside of the cartridge housing completely, but, not overly. This means that if you have a pool of e-liquid, make sure to empty some out carefully. The reason for this is atomizer longevity. If the cartridge is over-saturated with e-cigarette juice, then the atomizer element will have issues heating and will typically fail much faster. We do encourage flavor mixing (for instance chocolate and banana, strawberry and banana, etc etc). Remember to always use e-liquid bottles with caution, and to never waste money on pre-filled cartridges again!

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